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French translator, interpreter and copywriter since 2012
I'm the French translator.
Nice to meet you.



My name is Marion Nuding and I am a freelance French interpreter, translator and content writer. I'm a qualified and highly experienced professional, yet because I work from my home office, I can offer high-quality services at affordable rates.


I work with NGOs, businesses, public services and private clients around the world and in a wide range of sectors. I am available for one-off assignments, but I also enjoy developping an on-going close collaboration with your team, getting to know your projects, markets and objectives and hearing about the impact of our joint efforts on your french audience. Think of me as your very own french specialist to call upon as and when needed.


Browse my french translation services below, click here to book a french interpreter or here to read about my professional qualifications.

67 million French customers at your fingertips

All you need is a French speaker

French Marketing
French translation and localisation

Whether you're looking to localise your website or blog articles, need a certified translation of a legal document or are looking for a technical translator to support a project, I have the qualifications, the experience and the cultural knowledge to make sure your french translation is in line with your objectives, your quality standards and your brand identity.

French copywriting

If you're looking for quality french content to enthuse your readers or boost your SEO, it is sometimes (often!) better to simply write your content directly in French rather than translate it from another language.


You can brief me on your target audience, objectives and tone of voice, and I'll write your blog articles, website copy or french tender bids for you.

French interpreting
online or in person

Interpreting is the art of instantly translating speech. It's not so much a job as a higly skilled performance. 

You can book my time online or in person for your conferences, events, meetings or even in court.


Live simultaneous interpreting is the most inclusive way to run a multinational event, whilst one to one meetings can work well with consecutive interpreting. Browse my french interpreting services to understand your options.

Talk to me...

...about your clients, your events, your french challenges or your marketing opportunities. I'm all ears.

Or click here for a French translation quote or to book an interpreter.

+44 (0) 7870 470939

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