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They trust me with their corporate events interpreting


Looking for a french interpreter for a coporate conference or event ?

It's important for multinational groups to bring all their international leaders or workforce under one roof every now and again. Be it for a yearly directors catch-up or to invite your most loyal international clients to a company event, your're going to need several interpreters who are used to that particular ambiance and can provide a balance of professionalism, corporate talk and friendly smiles. it also help to know they can translate any documents, agendas or presentations ahead of the event.

My colleagues* and I have worked with many large international brands to remove the language barrier between their teams and provide smooth and enjoyable team building exercises or speakers' interventions regardless of region and language. Whether you're planning to run a training session on a new service, to introduce a special guest to talk about management techniques or to simulate a futurist scenario, with us in the interpreting booth (or on Zoom), you can be sure that the french or english version will be a good as the real thing.

*it is good practice for interpreters to work in pairs in order to share the heavy cognitive load.

Someone asked for a french interpreter ?

I'd love to be your French voice. Please tell me all about it.

Thanks for getting in touch. I promise to get back to you real quick!

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