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They trust me with their technical translations


Looking for a french technical translator who knows how to handle the research?

A good technical translation starts with a good understanding of the technical concept at hand. In other words, it starts with research.

I have worked with clients in the marine and in the aviation industry, in the weather sector, in maritime and civil engineering and in very specialist areas such as antifouling paints, industrial magnets or conservation equipment. And I love to learn about new ideas, products or gear.


After years of working as a freelance technical translator, I have developped a bullet-proof approach to technical and scientific documents (and I find myself with numerous snippets of random knowledge!). I always start with understanding the product, topic or concept, then reading about it in French. At that point, I normally have a list of questions for you. Then I'm ready to translate your  technical document in a way that sounds like it was authored by a french specialist.

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