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French Translation Services

Not all translations are equal. To produce a quality french translation of your documents or copy, I'll need to take into account many factors such as your target audience, the purpose of your text and the sector you work in.


Scroll down to browse my french translation services or jump straight to the section you're interested in:

Good to know

Quality check


All my translations are thoroughly proofread.
But if you'd like an extra layer of quality control, I can call upon a trusted colleague to go through the final text.**

Format flexibility


I can work with many file formats, including many web formats, most pdfs and all MS Office files.


Get in touch and let me know what might make your life easier.


My clients often come to me with terminology concerns, quick content updates, branding questions or certified translations reprints. I don't charge to help them out, it's all part of our collaboration.


I use glossaries and tools to help with consistency and formatting but my french translations are entirely carried out by a human (me!).

I'm not adverse to progress, but my reviews of translations offered by the likes of Deepl or Google Translate have - so far - proven to be far from good enough.

No thanks.


French Localisation

In many client-facing, technical or medical contexts, translating is not enough to achieve the purpose of a document. As a french localisation translator, I have learnt how to adapt technical jargon, tone of voice, local sayings and the target market's expectations.

Read more on why you might need a french localisation specialist.

Mechanical Engineer

French Technical Translation

Translating technical documents must start with thorough research and requires both a technical mind and a will to spend hours reading up about a concept or understanding a project.

As a French technical translator, I have worked in sustainability, energy, maritime and civil engineering, boats and the marine sector on the translation of technical reports and drawings, white papers and instruction manuals.

French technical translator
French Marketing Translation
Writing on Glass

French Business & Marketing Translation

Business translation is my bread and butter. I have a CIM marketing diploma, I have worked in finance and procurement, and a large proportion of my clients come to me for business and marketing translations such as webpages and blog content, products specifications and datasheets, export paper work, marketing litterature, tender bids, policies and T&Cs, press releases or white papers.

Writing on Glass
Stack of Files

French Tender Bid Translation

I have helped British and American companies put in tender bids for over 10 years. I can help you make sense of the French paperwork, fill the forms correctly, translate the french contractual documents into English for your own peace of mind and more importantly, translate your bid and supporting documents into formal French to help you stand out.

Read more about French tenders:

Guide to French tender

How to prepare your french bid

French bid translator
French certified translator

French Certified Translation

As a qualified translator and member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and as a translator listed by the French consulate in London, I can issue certified translations and sworn translations. Get in touch for certified translations of your birth, marriage and death certificates, qualifications or bank statements.

If you're applying for french nationality, let me know and I can send you an english translation of the French forms if you need help understanding them.

Stamping a Document

French Legal Translation

I hold a DPSI Law and a Diploma in Translation. Thanks to a good understanding of the legal systems in France and Britain, I know where to look for equivalences and how to handle differences. Your T&Cs are safe with me, along with your disclaimers, policies, contracts, tender bids, and general correspondence. I can also help you make sense of any french legal documents such as probate or deeds.

Read my article on why legal translation is a specialist field, what to look for in a legal translator and why cutting corners is a bad idea.

French legal translator
French medical translator

French Medical Translation

Prior to my translator's qualifications, I obtained a baccalaureate in social and medical science. I have worked with the NHS and several private compagnies on delivering accurate, confidential and timely translations of patients records or clinical reports. And I can help with the interpreting, too.

Online Class

Translation of online courses

Whether you need to have your training resources or webinars translated into French ready for a product launch, or whether you have enrolled a french client into your latest online course, I'll be happy to help you deliver. I can translate the content into French and test it with you to make sure it flows as intended, and I can join as an interpreter to help your training team deliver an online course.

Course translator and interpreter french

*You can use the wordcount feature in MS Word to calculate the cost of your French translation.

All prices are subject to confirmation upon receipt of the document(s) and acceptance of a job.

**Additional proof-reader chargeable at £0.030 per source word.

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