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They trust me with their legal translations


Need a translator to prepare a french tender bid?

You have been informed of a project in France (appels d'offre, marchés publics) which you want to bid for, and perhaps you have even gone as far as making contact and obtaining the paperwork.

Now, if you want to stand a chance of being short-listed and potentially winning the contract, you need a native on your side. I have helped British and American companies put in tender bids in a wide variety of sectors, from library supplies to architecture, marine and aviation. I can help you make sense of the French paperwork, fill the forms correctly, translate the French contractual documents into English for your own piece of mind. Most importantly, I can translate your English bid and supporting documents into formal French to make sure your name stands out.

Although this is flexible and totally dependent on your requirements, I often work as follows:

  1. Initial meeting with your team to understand the project, the offer and the requirements.

  2. Your team compiles the bid and supporting documents in English

  3. I translate it all into french. (for any official documents such as Companies House or HMRC certificate, I am authorised by the CIOL to sign certified translations)

  4. - I can also proof-read the final bid.

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