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Professional translator code of conduct

Professional code of conduct

I am bound by several codes of conduct (NRPSI, CIoL) and by my own professional integrity to provide the best possible translation and interpreting services. In particular, you can count on me to...

Work within my competence

I will only work within my linguistic and technical competence. If I accept a project, it's because I feel confident that I have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver excellence.

Meet deadlines

I will accept realistic deadlines and make every effort to meet them. In case of emergency, I will do my upmost to offer an alternative arrangement or to deliver as soon as possible.

Be professional in representing you

When I join you as an interpreter during events, meetings or calls, I will conduct myself in a professionnal manner and defend your interests.

Respect confidentiality

Your data, documents and information shared in meetings is completely confidential, whether or not I have signed an NDA with you.

Read my GDPR policy to know more about the data I might store.

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