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Zoom interpretation into French

Free bilingual slide on accessing Zoom interpretation

Download the slide, personalise it and simply add it as a holding page whilst your attendees join your Zoom call

Get french attendees to join the French channel...

Now that you have put all that effort into sourcing french interpreters (among other languages, perhaps) and setting them up on Zoom so you can run a conference, webinar or worshop in multiple languages, the final touch is to let your attendees know how to access it. Which is more difficult than it sounds, because they can't hear the french interpretation until they have chosen the right channel (ie, French...!).

... and English attendees to join the English channel

It is also good practice for English speakers to listen to the English channel rather than the main audio (know as the floor), because it will allow them to hear the interpretation into English immediately should one of the French speakers put their hand up.

Download my free bilingual Powerpoint slide (in French and English) on Zoom interpretation to:

  • Explain how to access the interpretation into French

  • Encourage your english speakers to listen in on the English channel, just in case

  • Direct them to other options should the globe icone not be visible


And if you haven't finished putting your interpreting team together, feel free to email me on to book a french interpreter.


I hope you won't mind sharing a few details. I just like to know who reads my stuff.

Click here to download.


And good luck with your Zoom conference!

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