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What I know about applying for French citizenship

Are you hoping to use your connection with France to access the EU again? A bit of help from a French translator.

French citizenship criteria
Are you applying for French citizenship ?

The vast majority of my clients requiring a French certified translation are in the process of applying for French nationality. I’m no immigration lawyer, but I thought it would be helpful to summarise the information offered by the French government with regards to the process and documents required, and to offer an English translation of some of the forms.

There are 3 mains scenarios that allow you to claim French citizenship. In all cases, any documents included in your application such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate must be translated into French by a certified French translator. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

You may be granted french citizenship if...

You’re married to a French national. Click here to read about applying for French nationality through marriage.

You work for a French organisation or have been living in France for a long time Click here to read about applying for French naturalisation.

One of your close relatives (parent, sibling or child) is French.

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