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Formalising the French citizenship of your children born in the UK

Updated: 5 days ago

Last updated: September 2023

The criteria

Children born in the UK to at least one french parent are automatically french (without losing the rights to their other nationalities, such as British citizenship). It is however advisable to formalise their situation by having their birth transcribed to the French register / registering their birth with the consulate. This will also make it easier for them to apply for french ID documents such as a passport, and potentially to return to mainland France, for exemple to study.

Applying for french citizenship

As of September 2023, the list of documents required to register your child with the french consulate in London includes the following (note the list varies depending on whether the child's parents were married or unmarried at their birth, and whether they are over 18 at the time of the application):

  1. Filled and signed transcription application form, dated and signed by the french parent(s) for a minor or by the adult child. Be sure to use the version applicable to you:

  2. Original of the long form british birth certificate (Certified copy of an entry of birth) and its french certified translation. Technically, the consulate should accept applications without a translation for minors, although many of my clients chose to include them anyway to minimise the risk of their application being held up. For adult applications, the birth certificate must be accompagnied by its translation by a certified french translator.

  3. Family passport (livret de famille) if you have one, and the parent's marriage certificate (with french translation if it is in English), or if the parents weren't/aren't married, copy of both parents' passports. If you don't have any of these documents, you'll have to apply for a CNF. Read my article on applying for French citizenship through descent.

  4. Stamped A5 envelope with your address on it (you'll need to purchase and stick the Special Delivery sticker and stamps on the envelope)

Send your completed application to the consulate (Consulat Général de France - Service de l’état civil, P.O. Box 520 - 21 Cromwell Road, SW7 2EN LONDON).

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Where do I find the Transcription Application Form to register a French child born in the UK?

Replying to

Click on "Comment constituer un dossier de transcription d’acte de naissance ?", then chose the parents' marital status.

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